I couldn’t feel my legs last night 😤

Just drinking weed and smokin gin.

  • Bro: Ayy, Jordan....you got weed?
  • Me: ....hmmm? I do now...*cheeses*
  • Bro: *laughs * Okay, cool cause I needed some.
  • ......
  • Me: *starts rolling up*
  • .......
  • Bro: Oh, I didn't mean now. You already smoked.
  • ......
  • Me: *realizes that I did just smoke a blunt* *stops...rolling....up*

I only ate chips yesterday, but I drank almost half a fifth and smoked a lot so…

Forgot about this bastard.

I was referred to as “That crazy person.” by a seven year old.

Pink shorts, bag of green.

Weed for dinner.

Gettin high with a MILF. Yeah.

Wait, gin for breakfast, weed and gin for lunch and who knows what’s for dinner.