You can’t spell crime without me.

A rapist could grow a rose in prison and it would still be a rose.

I don’t remember last night, but drugs, alcohol, weed and alcohol def took place. And my fantasy football draft that I don’t entirely remember. Sex.

And apparently everyone thinks I’m gay and my shorty defends me even though I am technically gay, but, “You’re not that gay. You prefer women.” Eh, I’m gay. Bi means I like girls and guys even though I prefer women. She didn’t know I’ve fucked multiple guys. She only thought I dated one guy and that was it, but I was like, “No, I’ve fucked plenty guys.” Everyone has thought I was gay since highschool. I fuck women though…and guys. Teehee.

Oh, and my boss knows I fucked in her house. She “thought” she heard something. She probably did. We were loud as fuck lmao. She ain’t even mad. I hope she works tomorrow so I can ask her about it.

I send nudes because I’m not ashamed. Leak them bitches. I’ll smile and be like, “Yeap, that’s me!”

I see her tomorrow. It only gets more retarded.

Life. It’s normal. I swear.

Everytime someone wants to confirm that it’s me on my ID they ask me to smile because my smile is “one of a kind” or “wonderful” etc. It’s funny. I just smile, they compliment me and then give me alcohol. Perfect.

If I had her, you can have her, man it don’t matter.



Let’s go back to this morning when I was comfortable in my bed.

The Weeknd - Often