She smells like puke and I didn’t even ask her.

Fuck what you waiting for, bitch, I been happenin.

I’m out of alcohol. That sucks.

Not as much as she sucks though.

  • Me: You listen to Kesha?<br/>
  • Store clerk in Cali girl voice: Uh, yeahhh.<br/>
  • Me: Cool.

I haven’t smoked weed in months so quit asking. Yes, I smoke weed. I use to be a major pothead, but I have no dealer at the moment and I live with my mom so I don’t smoke much weed. Now I just drink an innumerable amount of alcohol. I’m still a pothead though and could out smoke you in a heart beat so shhhauut up already.

We out here.

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Sometimes you just have to roll the dice.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is gonna be so cold. I hope. Can’t wait.

Not only did Kanye take Kim to Wendy’s - they also ate inside! Y’all hoes trippin. Y’all get hard dick and lemonade.

I need coke.

Ghost face smoke break.

I just wanna get drunk already.