Scratch that—King of the Glazed Eyes

Even more gin. Bombay.

Weed and gin and juice.

Just whooped someone 42-0 online in Madden 2K15. They picked Broncos so I had to pick the 9ers on they bitch ass.

Wake up get high get stoned get drunk.

This beer is black as fugg.

11% brew. Good shit.

I’m such a flame.

I hit the blunt this morning and puked. That means I’m pregnant, right?

Four employees and I getting high in a garage by I.

Random ass old ass white dude sees my homegirl and I standing in the parking lot, stops walking and says, “Oh, no. She’s way too good looking for you.” then walks away. Like what the fuck? She ain’t even that cold. I was offended lol. She did look pretty today though, but damn. Why he had to hoe me like that?

Road spliff for the drive to work.